Multi-tenancy for Kibana, once again

I was already starting to build the cluster and buying the license for X-Pack but I noticed that Kibana is not multi-tenant and that is a huge deal breaker.

What I need, is that the users can only see the indices they are allowed to see, defined in the roles. Currently, I can list all the indices even though I have read permission to only one. Applies on both Discover and Management pages.

Also, I would need to disable most of Kibanas features (machine learning, dev tools, monitoring, management) from the customers, so that they can only access data and visualization. Of course, I as an administrator need to have an access to those still, but the customers don’t have to access them.

I see that this has been discussed many times in recent years, last time in Feb: Kibana multi-tenancy

Is this really the current situation?
That there is no support for multi-tenancy and I should set up one Kibana per customer?

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Multi-tenancy in Kibana is coming with the elastic stack 6.0...but in the meantime, you can achieve multi-tenancy by other means.

As this is the topic of a very detailed support article, I don't known if I can share it with you here. All I can say is that as a temporary workaround, you can use multiple instances of kibana running on their own indices, having of course one kibana instance per user group.

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Hi Charles,

Thank you for your reply.

I am glad to hear that this is coming to the next version!

I assume that you are not an employee of Elastic, but what do you mean by this:

As this is the topic of a very detailed support article, I don't known if I can share it with you here.

So is there a document describing best practices for setting this up, or did I miss something?


Indeed, I'm not working at elastic. I used to work for a client with a platinum-level subscription, and as we badly needed this feature (as many clients do), we asked for it and were told that this will be coming very soon...hence my response regarding the general availability of this feature...but this is not something official whatsoever.

If you take a subscription, you will have access to the elastic support which is nothing short of amazing, and quite a few questions such as "Multi-tenancy with Kibana & X-Pack" are the topic of very clear and easy to follow articles.

So you can achieve multi-tenancy with kibana 5.x with a little elbow grease and careful thinking :wink:

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Thanks Charles!

Actually, I just got it working.
A bit more administrative work but great to hear that it is coming as an official feature.


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