Multinode cluster for elastic search

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I have java application and i am using elastic search as data storage so previously i had HA configuration like one master node and two data nodes so in this case its like single point failure if master node is down so could you please tell me what will be best approach for HA if i use 3 or 4 elastic search , how can i configure master and data??

Could you please suggest best approach for HA.


Just keep the default values when you have a small cluster (here 3 nodes).
All nodes will be data and master. Which is fine.

Thanks ....
So you are saying all nodes should be master/data .
node.master=true in all three servers
If i use two master and one data in that case is it fine ????

No it's not fine if you have only one data node.

Hey Thanks,

I will configure as per your previous comments and lets see . If i face any issue i will update

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