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We've got a webpage in which you can search for data in our elastic database. According to the result of that search we edit a viz to show the results.
Currently this is done by creating an index with the search results which is used in a kibana viz.
It works perfectly when there is only one user but when there are multiple users at the same time they edit each other viz because their search result is stored in the same index.
I would like each client to have an independent visualization.
How can this be done ?
We thought about creating an index per session but it seems less than ideal.

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Hi Hubert, from what I understand it sounds like you have a Kibana visualization which depends upon an index pattern that matches against a single index. But I'm a little unclear on what you mean by "creating an index with the search results" and "multiple users edit each others' viz". Can you help me understand how your system works in greater detail?

If your visualization consumes data from a single index and this index is indeed being overwritten any time a user performs a search, then it does sound like your solution is to create a unique index, index pattern, and visualization per user, so that each user's experience is unique to the individual.

Hello CJ, thanks for the answer !
Our system consists of a webpage with a search engine that queries our elastic database. The relevant results are directly printed on the page and the geographical data is put in an other elastic index. This index is emptied before every search query then filled again with the geographical data of the query results. This index content is then printed on the Kibana Map. This index is unique in our elastic database, therefore every user overwrites the index with his searches.

As for your solution, Would creating multiple indexes and viz in our elastic database induce performance issues ?
Another solution we thought of is storing the query results locally on the client machine and have a vega visualization on the client side. Nevertheless, we would like to use the kibana map background because you can zoom in a lot and get a lot of details. Is it possible to use this background in a vega visualization outside of Kibana, on a client's machine ?

One last question : is there an API to edit the filters of the kibana viz from the webpage ? It would be the same thing as the client editing the filters at the top of the iframe.

Thanks in advance.

I found a solution : I embeded a snaphsot of the viz in the wabpage instead of the object and edited the url of the iframe to add the same query used in the search function of the webpage. This allows each client to have a different visualization without even creating indexes.

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