Multiple Dashboards for real time data

I have a multiple units numbered (1,2,3...) each unit has multiple type of log files(such as opereational, selinux audit, access & error)
is it possible to create a UI on kibana that has a dashboard displaying all these unit numbers, further upon clicking on the number another dashboard should open displaying all the different type of log files which have their own dashboards.

The data is continuously being fed in real time based on the unit number

I want to know if this can be done using ELK and filebeat
Help will be appreciated

Thanks in advance

You can use something like Make dashboards interactive | Kibana Guide [8.1] | Elastic to do that.

Will check it out. Thank you so much!

Sorry i am new to elk stack. would appreciate it if you could help me with another query. I have different type of log files such as audit, access, syslog, csv files belonging to each unit number. Do you recommend create different indices for each type or do i send all the data to one single index? will i be able to corelate the common field of "unit number" present in all the indices if i create multiple of them?

Please create a new topic for a different question :slight_smile:

this one contains the above question too.
Thank you for your time

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