Multiple dropdown filters in kibana canvas - only one populating

I have two dropdowns filters in a single canvas page. For both the drop-downs I verified that the preview data is able to show the required data. However only one (the one I created first time) is able to show the data in the dropdown but the other is empty always. Now if I put those 2 dropdowns in two different pages both are populating.

Can't we have 2 dropdowns in the same canvas page ? Also, I tried with filter groups but the behaviour is same with or without filter groups. Can someone please help.

I am using 7.10 version. Incase this has been fixed in higher versions do let me know.

ok..after wasting a lot of time found that its working as expected with v7.16 but doesn't work with v7.10. Definitely a bug which was fixed in later versions. - updating just incase this can help someone. Thanks !

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