Two sequential drop down filters in Canvas

Hello everyone,

I would be grateful for a hint if it is possible to configure in canvas two dropdwon filters: for example, the first one displays user id and then the second filter displays user's first and last name and relevenat information is shown in canvas. So, the first-level filter is applied only to the next filter (second level) and only the second filter is applied to the whole canvas workspace. Thank you in advance for any help!

Hi @guas5,

What did you try so far? Could you post the expression you are generating?

Regards, Dzmitry

Hi Dzmitry,

Thank you for your time. I tried different options with the code, but the main problem is that the second filter is not a variable and I don't see how to specify it in the code. So, in the first filter (enclosed) I just select two columns I need and in the second filter I select all the columns. However, the first filter is applied to the whole canvas and not just to the second filter.

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