Multiple ElasticSearch instances on Same Host in 2.1

(Rahul Nadella) #1

Trying to upgrade to ElasticSearch 2.1 with multiple instances on the same server (vertical scaling) but have run into issues with the inability to specify a CONF_FILE anymore (2.0 release notes says it has been removed). I was able to deploy the multiple instances but am unable to set specific settings per node (i.e. cluster_name, node name, shard_size, replicas, etc) these values get set to the generated values from ElasticSearch. I have tried custom CONF_FILE in different directories but get the same results.

I currently override the /etc/elasticsearch/elasticsearch.yml, /etc/elasticsearch/logging.yml, /etc/init.d/elasticsearch-a, /etc/sysconfig/ file, and /etc/security/limits.d/ file.

Is there a way to have these persist per node configuration (elasticsearch-a.yml, elasticsearch-b.yml, elasticsearch-c.yml, etc.)? I missing files that I need to update with the new 2.1 version.

(system) #2