Multiple Enterprise Search Instances


Is it possible to setup multiple EnterpriseSearch Instance on a Elasticsearch Cluster?

What I'd like to do:
Server01: Part of Elasticsearch-Cluster ( + EnterpiseSearch (
Server02: Part of Elasticsearch-Cluster ( + EnterpiseSearch (
Server03: Part of Elasticsearch-Cluster ( + EnterpiseSearch (

And in front I would put something like HAProxy to distribute the request to AppSerch (Server01, Server02, Server03). So my Question: Is it possible to run multiple EnterpiseSearch Instances on a Elasticsearch Cluster?

Or how should I setup a redundant setup?

Greetings Pascal

Hi Pascal,

It is possible and recommended for production. What you outlined is the right way to do it — put a proxy/load-balancer like HAProxy in front of the instances. Beyond that, you must ensure that their configurations match, especially secret_management.encryption_keys and secret_session_key. That is all that is required!


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