Multiple fields on single vertical bar chart

Hi, I'm trying to create a vertical bar chart displaying 3 distinct fields. These 3 different fields have the same four modalities. That's why I would like to represent them on the same chart. Especially because if I choose to represent them on three different charts, the modalities are not on the same order on each chart (because I can only choose descending or ascending according to count and not according to my choice). I hope representing the three fields on the same chart would resolve my problem.
Thank you for your help !

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Hi there! Sorry for the dumb question, but what do you mean by modalities? Can you give me an example of the documents you're working with? Have you already tried creating this visualization and, if so, could you share a screenshot of what you have so far and how it's configured?


Hi !
Thank you for your answer.
Here is an example : I have 3 charts like this one and what I would like to do is putting them on the same chart.
Is it clearer ? What I mean by modalities are the several choices of answer (here 4 choices : 1_tres_instaisfait, 2... Sorry, in french :slight_smile: )

Ah, I think I understand. Could you take a look at Stacked and grouped columns in bar chart and let me know if this helps you? It looks very similar to what you're describing.


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