Multiple folders inside nodes folder

(Aviral Srivastava) #1

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 7.2 (Maipo)
elasticsearch 2.1.1

Inside the path
there are two folders namely "0" and "1"

Why there are two folders ??
By nodes, I understand the physical server, how is that folder "1" is created
Secondly, elasticsearch is showing indices from "1" folder and not "0" folder. Why is that so ??
If I need, elasticsearch to use "0" folder , can I just delete "1" folder. Will that help ??

My elasticsearch was showing all the indices from "0" folder earlier, although I was having shards failed exception for some indices, So I restarted elasticsearch and now it is referencing indices from "1" folder

(Jason Tedor) #2

This means that you had two nodes running at the same time at some point, the nodes/1/ directory is from the second node. This was due to a bad default value for node.max_local_storage_nodes to permit multiple nodes to share the same data directory. This is fixed in 5.0.0, the default is now 1.

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