Multiple follower pattern for same primary index

Hi Team,

We have multiple follower pattern that match the same time series index from primary.
In one of the follower we have a prefix and suffix in another follower pattern.

Currently the replication of the new index on primary is not happening on follower, as the stats complain that the index pattern matches with another.

        "leader_index" : "ax*:ax_aaa_error_2022.10.08",
        "timestamp" : 1674550314906,
        "auto_follow_exception" : {
          "type" : "exception",
          "reason" : "index to follow [ax_aaa_error_2022.10.08] for pattern [ax*] matches with other patterns [ax]"

Just want to understand whether it should work creating 2 follower indices one with a prefix and another with a suffix

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