CCR - Follow multiple leader indexes with same mapping

Currently, follower indexes can only follow one leader index. Will it ever be possible for a follower index to follow multiple leader indexes (if the leader indexes have identical mappings/settings)? or will there ever be a solution for an active fail-over scenario?

With our use-case being for an active fail-over setup, we're leveraging a Bi-Directional approach to accomplish what we're needing, but it isn't ideal. We currently have two data centers we can input data from (we have a main campus that acts as a primary and we switch services to run out of the other campus during major maintenance to avoid downtime) and we'd like to be able to have a data center hosted in Azure (for foreign web sites and to help with latency) that will be read-only and collect data that was input from either input campus

This is not on the roadmap, and I do not expect that it will be. It would require a fundamental re-architecture of our entire indexing/replication stack.

Maybe I'm not understanding the use-case, have you considered replicating from both campuses (to separate indices) and putting an alias on top of the two indices?