Multiple Instances of Curator simultaneously, possible?


What if I run curator on machines outside of my cluster, and for reasons of availability i have more than one of those machines (each running its own instance of curator) running. Would that lead to a conflicting situation? Or will this somehow be catched / handled?

Thx in advance

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This will result in conflicts. Do not do this. If you insist on pursuing this course, the only safe way to run multiple instances of Curator is to have each pointing to a different one (and only one) of your dedicated master nodes, and have master_only set to true. Curator will then only execute on the node that is the elected master node. It will start on the others, and when they realize they aren't connected to the elected master, they'll stop executing.

I reiterate, the master_only flag cannot be used in conjunction with multiple hosts entries. You must only specify a single, eligible master node hostname or IP when using this approach.

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