Multiple spaces vs only default space

Is there a limit to the number of spaces that can be created?
Are spaces in order of hundreds okay?

Is there a performance improvement having canvas workpads split over multiple spaces vs having them all in one default space?

Are there any recommended best practices while creating a large number of spaces? (Will be adding spaces over time using the spaces api)


Hello rcodestuff,

There is a limit of 1000 but that is configurable. Raising that limit may affect the performance of the application though because there are times where spaces are lazy loaded. Here is a link to the knowledge base for spaces settings.

Splitting workpads over multiple spaces does not give any performance boost except when rendering the list of workpads. It would take 1 space with 1000 workpads longer to render that list vs. having 4 spaces with 25 each.

Thanks for the feedback.

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