Multiple versions of ElasticSearch on same server


Is it possible to have ES 2.4 and ES 5 in same server?

I was using ES 2.4 and decided to upgrade to 5. However i have graphs in Grafana wich are not plotted if ES is in 5.0 version. So i was wondering if i can have both versions on the same machine, and if yes, how can i do that? My OS is CentOS so everytime i install an RPM it will install to the same directories.

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Installing different versions sounds complicated with the package manager indeed. Do you know what is the change that makes Grafana unhappy? Maybe it can be fixed?


Grafana still doesnt support ES 5.0. From my research in github issues/requests a lot of things changed. It seems that a Grafana version with ES 5.0 support will be released on the 19th of December. So i guess the best is to wait until then.

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