My first attempt to export events into ELK

Hi guys.
I have a little application that generates a numeric result after performing some processing every 24hs.
I, logging following log lines:

Sep 15 15:06:30 UBUNTU-SMOKE 15 new customers created by system1
Sep 15 15:06:30 UBUNTU-SMOKE 17 new customers created by system2

I would like as first experience with elk to export those lines to elk.
Im a little overwhelmed about too many available , tools.
I would like to know witch would be easier aproach in order to export those registers and then be able to create a kibana dasboard.
Waiting to hear your ideas.

In your place i will use filebeat to send these log into my elasticsearch ingest node
and i will use a small ingest pipeline to grok this portion of log ...

Thanks for your words.
Question is:
Can I send directly to elastic node ?
i mean ... instead of write a log file , read the file and send lines to elastic.
That way I can avoid installing filebeat on generating machine.

Welcome to our community! :smiley: We aren't all guys though.

Does your app log to stdout? If not, where does the output go?

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