My GSOC Project Idea

I am thinking of adding a feedback/Report issue bot where the user can report the issue or can simply send the suggestion and if the user reports some existing issue then he should receive the StackOverflow or GitHub link for the issue or some other alternative solution. Can you please help me with the refining of the idea

Hey, @amansingal

Thanks for your interest!

For EUI specifically, we've been fortunate to have most support requests and bug reports come directly to our open source repo. So, StackOverflow has not been (to my knowledge) an active support resource, and GitHub has built-in functionality similar to your suggestion with their "Similar issues" UI:

Is the GitHub feature along the lines of your idea, or do you have further suggestions for which a custom bot may be better suited?

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Hey @thompsongl
How about the bookmark feature. A bookmark feature with which the user can bookmark a whole section or just a particular component according to his needs . It could be really beneficial as it will save alot of click as well as time.

A bookmark or pin feature for the EUI docs site could be beneficial. However, I don't think the scope of that project is large enough to occupy the nearly 3-month timeframe of GSoC.

Could you elaborate on what you think this project would encompass?

Hey @thompsongl
Please check it out I have described briefly all the the features and points.

Bookmark & Pin feature
The bookmark feature would be a feature that would enable user to bookmark a single component or a group of components. (Example a button or a list of button) .

The features bookmark features include bookmarking the demo, demo js , demo html etc individually or bookmarking all of them .

User would have the feature to share the bookmark via email or if the user is using mobile device then user would have to feature to share via SMS or WhatsApp.

Practically, user would have the feature to bookmark anything, if the user like a paragraph or a table then the user could bookmark it. If the user want to bookmark a particular line of demojs or demo html then he would be able to do so.

All the bookmarks would be available by clicking the bookmark icon. There would be a full screen option as well.

User can add a custom tag to the bookmark. User would have the feature to add comment on the bookmark as well.

As the EUI website have different theme mode, thus bookmark feature would be compatible to those.

All the bookmarks would be stored in the local storage. Thus we can also store the theme selected by the user and save it on the local storage.

User would also have the feature to pin any article or content to the top. Please note that the pin feature would be like a webstick feature.

I am emphasizing so much on bookmark, is because their need has been felt for a very long time and none of the website provides it. It will help the elastic to stand out differently from other websites. I have really spend a lot on time on bootstrap and always felt the need of it.

@amansingal, thank you for all the thought you've put into this. I do think you're on to an idea that a lot of websites could make use of, but the needs and priorities for the EUI documentation site are elsewhere.
The playground and/or live docs project idea ( is more in line with how our users want to interact with the EUI site: find a relevant component, adjust to their needs, copy resulting code, and use it in their application.
We will soon be introducing improved routing to provide deeper linking, and advanced search (via Elastic Site Search), which solve almost all sharing and findability concerns that our users have had.
Your idea is certainly interesting, but it's not right for EUI at this time.

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@thompsongl how about a webpage builder, like the one wix kind of website has, but a simpler version of it. It will solve both the purpose of the user who wants to edit a component and the users who want to create multiple components or create a simple page. As the project, The playground and/or live docs project idea ( is limited to only creating and editing a single component at a time.
The user would also be able to edit and check the spaces and adjust the height of the component with a simple drag. I think adjusting the space and height of the components is one of the most time-consuming issue which many people faces while creating a simple webpage. The user would be able to interact with directly UI instead of changing with code. Moreover adding the feature to change the UI with the code with solve the problem stated by the prev project.
Basically it would be the better version of the current project proposed

Hey @amansingal, based on our understanding of user needs, the type of website builder you propose doesn't fit with our goals.

We provide a few tools already for users who want to do broader page- or prototype-level composition:

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