Nagioscheckbeat 'metric' data combined with 'check'?

@PhaedrusTheGreek In this post we discussed how to successfully send nagioscheckbeat 'check' data to the nagios host, while sending the 'metric' data to Elasticsearch.

I am trying to figure out how to send Nagios 'perfdata' with the output type 'nagioscheck'. This is so that Nagios is adding the metric data to its perfdata file. I can't see a way to do this as the data types created by nagioscheckbeat separate the check status from the metric data into two types.

Can anyone suggest a way to achieve this? the data format which Nagios is looking for is outlined here, bu the essential format is:

status text followed by a pipe character (|), and then a string containing one or more performance data metrics

PING ok - Packet loss = 0%, RTA = 0.80 ms | percent_packet_loss=0, rta=0.80

Loving the functionality of nagioscheckbeat. Getting perfdata into the status checks would be amazing. I plan to continue to capture the data in Elsatic. I just need the perfdata in Nagios for old reports.

Hi, this is an interesting request. I didn't consider that requirement, as the main functionality is meant to parse it out, but I think it would be an easy option to add. If you still want this feature, please make an enhancement request in the repo and I would be glad to add it.

Thanks, Jay. I'll add this feature request now.

I plan to also use the metrics stored in Elastic. I have some data functions built into the backend of Nagios which I don't want to rewrite in the next few months so have this data would be a huge help.

Thanks for the great plugin!

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