MetricBeat Vs Nagios

I am looking for a server monitoring tools and after couple of POCS finalized two tools

  1. Nagios
  2. Elastic Beats
    Just I am surprised I am not able to find out any comparison between the two anywhere .So just wanted to ask whether they both are different System . If not then whats are the pros and cons of both.

Nagios is an alerting system that among other things can collect system metrics (might require plugins or similar) and Metricbeat is a metric collection tool, so a direct comparison wouldn't be useful.

So which one provides better metric stats. And which one is more scalable.

So which one provides better metric stats.

There appears to be a number of system metrics plugins for Nagios so I'd expect the answer to depend on which one you choose.

And which one is more scalable.

Because a) the tools do very different things and b) I'm not sure how scalability applies to a mere collection tool like Metricbeat it's hard to answer this question.

Are you by any chance actually asking about the whole Elastic stack and how it compares to Nagios, rather than how Metricbeat compares to Nagios?

Comparison between whole Elastic Stack and Nagios would be best if I can get/

What are the metrics you are looking for? Both nagios and metricbeat and deliver lots of different metrics which do not necessarly always overlap.

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