Resources for newcomers?

Hi forum.

Since I succeeded in the past creating (publicly available in github) plugins for real-time monitoring / graphing tools munin and nagios-based Check_MK/OMD for some popular streaming servers (mostly Icecast2, but also SHOUTCast and probably WowzaStreamingEngine), I'm exploring the feassibility of doing the same with metricbeat.

The problem is that I feel metricbeat being much more complex than those I know. Also, I'm not finding the typical blog article explaining how to create a basic 'plugin' (I guess I should say a 'beat') to do something easy (such as getting hdd temp from smart, apache sessions from /status or an API call)

The point is that the more I try to gather information to have a clear picture on where to start reading and working on, the more I'm getting unsure of whether what I have in mind is even possible at all, having I misunderstood the very use-case of metricbeat itself.

So... If I could read (and graph) current (or almost current) CPU usage, RAM status and so on ... My though is that I could use metricbeat to query an Icecast2 instance and monitor its current status likewise .... Is that the use-case of Metricbeat?

If so (then the door to achieve my goal would be opened) Isn't there any step-to-step guide to create a kinda 'hello world' beat? or where should I start from?
And, finally (provide this all makes any sense) do I need to master Go to create Beat?

Thank you very much in advance.

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