Name or Service Error

I'm facing an issue in my windows laptop, and the issue is that Elasticsearch: Service start error
MySql: Service start error, Petclinic -Server and Client: Service start error.

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This doesn't look related to Elasticsearch at all, it's an ssh and DNS issue.

Adding that Elasticsearch does not use MySQL so it's unclear what you are trying to do here.

yeah, sorry for the unclear message,
even though Elasticsearch, Metricbeat, filebeat also isnt working as well

If you need help to fix your problem, you will need to tell a bit more than "it does not work".

Let's start by the beginning. Elasticsearch.

Why it does not work?
Did you check the logs? What did you do to install it? Did you follow the installation guide? If not, please do it. If you did, at which exact step are you getting an error?

Actually I was at lab 2.3 day before yesterday, and got an error. So I asked one of my friend, and he suggested to start if from Lab 2.2, And then I couldnt able to get exact output from the Lab 2.2.
So I informed to our mentor about it and he aslo couldnt able to set it up.
after that I tried it from Lab 1.1 from there I couldn't able to access all the services
yes I check the logs but I couldn't find any, before when i got error in Lab 2.3 i can able see the logs.
I followed the Installation guide as it is.

Are you speaking about #elastic-community-ecosystem:elastic-training ?

I'm moving your question there.

Hello @Harshavardhan_Reddy1 , which course are you following?

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