Nearby Search in Elasticsearch app search

.We have a Point of interest data of various categories like restaurant , hotels, temples with Geolocation.

We are using Elasticsearch app 7.16 platinum enterprises version.

We want to do nearby query on indexed data.

so a API where all the restaurants (any category) from close proximity (500 mtr) from users location.

We can do that in Elasticsearch. does app search gives us same thing on same data already indexed?

Geo Filters can accomplish this.

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My question was that we can easily get a nearby api with Elasticsearch.

But can we do the same thing with elasticApp search.

So when we index Geo points data it is easy to get search.

If we can get another query from the same data indexed in Elasticsearch App search will be a great help.

if you can direct to a document.

thanks It worked

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