Website with restaurants search

I am trying to create a website with search engine that allows users to search for restaurants. This website will have features as writen below:

  1. users are able to filter and sort results
  2. the website stores data about users and shows personalised search results based on that data
  3. users can register and log in
  4. search results based on either city or name of restaurant
  5. geolocation of users
    Is it possible to create such website with Elasticsearch alone? Or maybe App search?

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Yes, you can do this with Elasticsearch or with App Search.

Thank you for fast reply. :grinning:
Can you specify how can I allow the registration? I did a bit of a research and couldn't find any information about that. :frowning:
Also about the personalised search results based on users data - how can it be achieved?

Elasticsearch handles the search aspect of things, anything else would be done outside of Elasticsearch/

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