Need a graph for JVM Heap used value coming in message field


Just started on ELK.

I have a JVMHeapUsage log available in ELK.

The "message" field has value like below:
11/24/15; 10:42:01; 837287936; 536870912; 3817865216; 335988528; 320
11/24/15; 10:40:01; 834142208; 536870912; 3817865216; 484898800; 462

where the last part of message (320 or 462) is JVM heap usage in MB.

I need to display a graph of this value over the timeline.

How can I get this value from the message string and use as Y axis for graph.

Any help is highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Use Logstash and its csv filter (or grok) to split the input message into discrete fields. After that you'll have a jvm_usage field (or whatever you like to call it) that you can plot in Kibana. Note that you can't have Kibana plot all values, but you can e.g. use a max aggregation which over a sufficiently small interval (time histogram bucket size) becomes very close to a plot of all values.