Need file location where can i edit elastic and logo "e" on top right corner side header bar

Hi Friends,

Trying to find the location of a file for the header top right elastic symbol replace and "e"
in /usr/share/kibana/src/......??????

where can i find this location in /usr/share/kibana ???

below is the image
Screenshot from 2022-08-11 17-00-59

I'm not sure you can change it, this is based on the first letter of the name of the user you are using.

If your user is named elastic, it will show an e, if your user is named ayaan, it will show an a.

Never saw any option in Kibana that allows you to change it, but maybe something from Elastic can give more information.

even if you find some way to change it. it will be hard and you will have to repeat that steps again on next version of Elastic

Also, if you inspect the page in your browser you will see that this is not an Image.

It is an text element based on the first letter of the name of the user.

In your case you will have this:

<span aria-hidden="true">e</span>

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