Need help with Kibana Visual


I am trying to set up a simple Kibana line chart with these conditions -
I'm trying to set up a Power vs Timestamp chart. In elastic, I have the metrics Current and Voltage. I'll calculate the Power from that. Problem is, I need to show the visual ONLY if the current is decreasing.
So at time t, the current value should be less than the last reported current value.

Cannot figure out how to do this in Lens. If it can't be done in Lens, any help with Vega is appreciated.


Hi @mohitspacee ,

Let me make sure I understand you correctly:

Your x-axis would be time (temporal), while your y-axis is power (numeric). You want your line to be strictly decreasing in power. In other words, any power datum that is higher than the current lowest value should be ignored.

Is that right?

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