Need s390x (IBM System Z) support for Elastic Fleet Agent

Hi there.

I want to install an elastic fleet agent on my s390x system but can't find any other builds except for the generic amd64.

Unlink the normal elastic beats, it doesn't really seem like I can build my own binary / docker image either. (Please let me know If I just missed it!)

Can you guys add binary / docker support for s390x systems?

Thank you so much.

We've had discussions about it in the past but we don't see enough demand to warrant the investment at this time sorry to say.

Hey. Thanks for the reply.

But isn't it will be simple enough to build a code for s390x, just like building a generic arm64v8 arch image?

I honestly don't think this request would take some time to work on.

If it's not possible on your end, is it also possible to build the code myself?

Thank you.

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