Need some help for Elastic Observability Engineer Lab 1.2 setting up the ICMP

Hello, I am having trouble setting up the ICMP in Lab 1.2.
I put in the solution and it tells me I need a key for it, but it does not provide one in the lab.

Hi @Jsarath ,

I'd suggest you to remove the line breaks between options, as yaml files can be very sensitive. If that does not work, please also share what is the message your are getting when you start heartbeat.


Hi Andre I removed the spaces and this is what I am getting still.

Any help would be great!

Hi @Jsarath

yaml files are very sensitive and indentation is really important. I have attached a snippet of heartbeat.yml file. Please look at it closely and make changes in your hearbeat.yml accordingly

It worked and I was able to get through. Thanks for the help!

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