Need to add Anomaly Score as Label in Swimlane view of Anomaly Detection Job when added in Dashboard

Hi Team,
I have created a multi metric anomaly detection job and added the swimlane view of anomaly detection in a dashboard.
Can I to add the anomaly score as label in the swimlane view in the dashboard?
ELK version 7.11.1

Hi @Sreeja_Bose ,

Could you please clarify what anomaly score you are referring to exactly? And what do imply by "as label"? Maybe you can create a custom visualisation instead.

Hi @darnautov

When we create an anomaly detection job in the Swimlane view we get to see the Max Anomaly Score of the bucket as a tool tip. Refer to the screenshot below:


Here on 2nd July 22 we can see the Max Anomaly score is 38.
I want that Max Anomaly score to be seen as the below picture when representing it in dashboard.

Is this possible to do?


hi @Sreeja_Bose,

At the moment it's only possibly to achieve by tweaking Kibana's source code. I'd recommend creating a Github issue so we could come up with a better solution to support your request.


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