How do display anomaly explorer in Kibana Dashboard

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I have many multi metric jobs created. I want to display only the summary anomaly timeline ( as it appears in anomaly explorer) in the kibana dashboard with a link for drill down which will take me to the anomaly explorer. Need help on this as I am not able to take anomaly explorer to Kibana dashboard

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Hi Gerald

The anomaly explorer swimlane is not available as a reusable visualisation component, so it cannot be easily inserted into a standard Kibana dashboard. We'd had a few requests for this so far, and your feedback is noted.

To get a representation of the anomaly results, then you can use the heatmap visualtization, or even a vertical bar chart.

The information is stored in .ml-anomalies-* index - create this as an index pattern for this with timestamp as the date field.
Filter by job_id: <your_job> and result_type: bucket
Use a max aggregation on field anomaly_score
Use date histogram for field timestamp as the x-axis.

You may not be able to replicate the colours exactly.

I'm not sure about a drill down link. Perhaps this could be added using a markdown component.


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Thanks Sophie...Will try the suggested way..

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Dear Sophie,

I was able to do Heatmap and vertical bar using your suggested method . Thanks.
Would require input on

  1. How to show heatmap visualization as a single bar horizontal line ,like the anomaly explorer and only change the colours based on the anomaly score.
  2. How to have a different time line ( say month to date ) only for this representation. The other visuals in the dashboard may have a different timeline .


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Hi Gerald

Glad you could make some progress...

The heatmap allows you to pick from a set of colour ranges, so I don't think it is possible to replicate the exact same colours as the ML swim lane. If you click on the Options link in the heatmap config, you can add in 4 distinct Custom Ranges. Using Yellow - Red Colour Schema is the closest I could get to the swimlane. Adding job_id as the Y-axis should give a single horizontal bar providing you have one job_id, however it does still use a bit more vertical space on page. Questions and requests for customising the heatmap would be better directed at the Kibana forum - it may be possible to do more.

There is a big advantage to using the in-built visualizations as it greatly simplifies things when it comes to upgrading Kibana. However, there is also a Kibana swimlane plugin which might be interesting for you. This can be found here. The look-and-feel is probably closer to what you are after, but it will need manual effort on every upgrade as the plugin will need to be upgraded too. (For full disclosure, this was published by the company that used to be the ML team... but it is now a community plugin.)

Regarding 2 - the Kibana time picker is global for the page. Conversations about this are best covered in the Kibana forum.


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Thanks Sophie.
Will try out as suggested


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