Need to create user with specific server [7.1.1]

As the title say, is it possible to create users in kibana who has permission to view specific server logs? Like if I have three server x, y, z and I want to create a user "mike" who can only view logs from server y when he log in. He wont be able to access other server logs.

I know in Space you can separate these but then I have to configure likewise in logstash too and thats a hassle to me. So let me know if there is any easy way to do it.

Thanks in advance.

You can redirect servers logs to differents indices, like


and then you can create specifique role for each index pattern ...

Hope this can help

@ylasri Yes, I can do that. But that will create hundreds of indices which is difficult to manage. :sweat:

You can do it using document level security, but that is a feature that requires a commercial license.

Ok, that will not be possible for me then as I am using basic license.

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