Need to integrate my own custom logs(in html or txt format) with Kibana

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Hi Team,

I have a requirement to integrate my custom logs(in html or txt format) with Kibana. I'm using EFK(Elastic Search-Fluentd-Kibana) for my Kubernetes Cluster. How it possible to shows my custom log files to Kibana. Any helps will be appreciated.


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You should be able to do it without any problem as long as your Fluentd aggregator is properly configured.
This is what i've found:

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Dear Marius,

Thanks for your reply.

The provided link/docs may work with traditional server case. But here I am using Kubernetes cluster. Please let me know how to implement this on Kubernetes. Also please note that I have already fetch my custom logs to a plain text on the daily basis. So my text file doesn't contain any details about date, the file only contains the actual data.


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Dear Marius,

Also please let me know, how can I add this below plugin in the fluentd:

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