NEST client 6.x / Elastic Server 1.x

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I need guidance/help regarding to migration of ElasticSearch 1.x to 6.x. Here is my question and what I need. I have to use NEST client on .Net Core version 6.x but I dont want to change elasticSearch version of server which 1.x. Is it possible to just migrate my .net core client to6.x and use 1.x as server side?

If not, what can you recommend to this migration since I have to upgrade my .net framework to .net core? How should I continue?

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It is possible that you can use version 6.x of the NEST client to talk to a 1.x server. For basic usage, the API has remained unchanged for all this time. It's certainly not a supported configuration, if only because the 1.x server reached the end of its life many years ago, is no longer supported, and has a number of known issues that could lead to the loss or corruption of your data.

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