.NET Client and CoreFX Lab

@forloop have you got any opinions on the .NET CoreFX Lab stuff? Particularly whether these APIs, if they're ever stabilised, could be put to good use by the .NET Elasticsearch client?

The abstraction over various sources of memory is really neat, and it's being used for UTF8 strings and more efficient JSON serialisation.

Pipelines also look like they'd be an effective way to build connection pools.

Most definitely!

The key thing is stability; I'm keeping an eye on this so if/when they're at the point of RTM, we can use them as part of the client generator we're hacking on

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Is that client generator work floating around in the open somewhere? I wouldn't mind watching that unfold.

It's private right now, only because it's in real flux and it might not go anywhere :smile: I'll see if we can open it up with a "here be dragons" caveat

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