Netflow bandwidth usage in gauge or metric

It's very easy to make a bandwidth graph with a timelion expression from netflow values :

.es(index=filebeat-*, metric='sum:network.bytes').divide(1048576).scale_interval('1s').title('MB per second')

But how to make a gauge or a simple metric with the same calculating ? Is this possible ?

Hey @jquintard, Timelion don't allow you to do metric or gauge visualizations, you'll have to use one of the other visualizations, like the "Gauge" visualization below:

Unfortunately, a majority of the other visualizations won't allow you to as easily do .divide(1048576). You can however use Scripted Fields to do simple conversions on the raw-fields pre-aggregation.

TSVB also allows you to do some math on the outputs.

If you're looking for some inspiration or prior-art, the sample data includes some Visualizations which are similar to your needs.

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