Netflow Traffic Volume by Avg Bits/s

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Iam trying to create a dashboard in kibana for netflow where i need traffic volume by Avg Bits/s so that i can monitor the traffic volume.

in case of DDOS where the traffic volume is huge,i should be able to see that traffic volume in kibana

is there a way to configure the dashboard to achieve this.any help is much appreciated.thanks

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Hey @venki522, you can do this using a derivative of the cumulative sum of the sum of netflow.bytes on a date histogram bucketed by second. The following screenshot will hopefully guide you down the right path:

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Also, take a look at the Dashboards that are created by the Logstash Netflow module when using the --setup flag

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Thank you Brandon for the reply.So netflow.bytes has both in_bytes and out_bytes since i dont see those fields in the netflow packet.

when i don the above my y-axis has got very big number and even minus.could i reduce it to shorter one and readable one.

moreover this is only on one index,how can i make this as graph a live one meaning the graph should show the volume in real time
thanks for the reply once again

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