Help with line graph and netflow/ipfix to graph bits/s of a ASN

Hi, I'm trying to create a line graph of bandwidth based on data from net flow.
I'm pretty new to kibana and so not sure what I should share here on config.

Basically I have a ingress BGP AS number as a filter and I wish to create a line graph
of bandwidth in bits per second for that AS.

I have a field called ipfix.octetDeltaCount, which I understand to be a field that contains
the number of octet (bytes) in that particular flow packet.

My thought was to create the Y-Axis as a sum of the ipfix.octetDeltaCount field and with the X-Axis
being a Date Histogram field @timestamp.

What gets drawn does not match our snmp polling of the interface.

As a side I'm trying to do this as Bits Per Second, so I figured I needed to create a field in the log stash
config that is calculated from octets and multiple it by 8 to get bits..

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Have you tried creating this graph using the new time-series visual builder?

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