Network Traffic Per Interface - Metricbeat & Kibana

We'd like to see per-interface graphs [in Kibana] of the network stats sent by Metricbeat. The response to a previous/similar query was not especially helpful: Network Traffic per interface

I'm struggling to see [in the stock/etc visualization for interface traffic] where/how one is able to specify an interface name. Help is appreciated.

BTW: that article helped me figure out, at least, how to configure system.yml to listen to more than one interface. The documentation is lacking in this regard.



In a Kibana visualization you should be able to specify a given interface using the query bar. Assuming data is coming from the system/network metricset, the query would look something like en0 [or whatever]

Can you clarify what you mean by lacking documentation? How to select various interfaces monitored by the system/network module should be documented here:

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