Network Traffic per interface

Hi all,

i want to take metrics using Metricbeat from my hosts specifically per network interface.
I know that System Module delivers network traffic as a sum. That's ok but in some interfaces i want to monitor the traffic - and other network metrics - independently.

From i can see that is doable.

Below how i have configured it on metricbeat.yml

- module: system
    - cpu             # CPU usage
    - load            # CPU load averages
    - memory          # Memory usage
    - network         # Network IO
   # - process         # Per process metrics
   # - process_summary # Process summary
    - uptime          # System Uptime
    - filesystem      # File system usage for each mountpoint
    - fsstat          # File system summary metrics
  enabled: true
  period: 10s
  processes: ['.*']
  interfaces: [bond0]

Some questions:

  • How can i check that i get the network metrics per interface?
  • How can i visualize it in Kibana?

Thanks for the help

Hello @stevizik, I assume you have elasticsearch and kibana up and running with metricbeat. Then you can create some dashboards to show specific network metrics you are interested if the main system overview dashaboard doesn't give you the details you need.

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