New Client Artifacts: Naming and Packaging problematic?

I tried out the new low level rest client this weekend and a couple of items jumped out at me, relating to the way the artifacts are structured. Didn't know if these should be feature requests, so I thought I would come here first.

First off, the artifact naming is very generic. The maven group ID org.elasticsearch.client contains some very generic artifact IDs. These will translate into very generic jar names and could cause issues when packaging them with other code. For instance, the artifact id rest will become rest.jar during builds. The artifact IDs should probably contain elasticsearch in their name.

The second item I saw relates to packaging. Currently, the package org.elasticsearch.client has classes defined in multiple jars. Although this is not against a spec, the situation can be problematic. Perhaps they should be in sub packages, like


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@javanna WDYT?

@dadoonet @javanna I just took a second look at my code and did a quick scan of the artifacts containing the package org.elsticsearch.client. It looks like everything, but the rest client, is in a sub package, so there really is no issue with packaging. Sorry for the noise on that.

The artifact IDs still look problematic to me.

I agree on the issue with jar naming, that's odd, could you please open an issue?