Shield 1.3.3 in OSGI

There is a split package issue between elasticsearch1.x and Shield 1.3.3. Shield plug-in doesn't get intercepted (or override the transport) because of this.

We had to put shield jar first and then the elasticsearch jar in the bundle classpath to make it work. The distribution of Shield will be an issue here without the license even though our product is only acting as TransportClient not the ES server.

Any chances that you can OSGI-fy the jars?

Versions 1.x are now EOL'ed.

Thanks David :). Will try 2.x. Any idea if this issue exists in 2.x as well? I haven't seen the jars yet but if it is split package issue between the elastic and shield jars then we will run into the same issue.

I don't know. I'm really unsure it plays well with OSGI. But actually if you move to the REST client, I believe it should work well.

But the REST client is a low level one at this time.

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