New features in Elasticsearch 5.0.0

Problems may trouble us when upgrading from frevious version to current ES-5.0.0 …

have a look here

Excuse me , when I run ES 5.0 with the same data path of ES-2.1.0 (new data path works well ), error occurs :

"operations are blocked on license expiration. All data operations (read and write) continue to work.
If you have a new license, please update it. Otherwise, please reach out to your support contact.
[2016-11-10T17:50:35,886][ERROR][o.e.x.s.a.f.SecurityActionFilter] [xxx] blocking [cluster:monitor/health] operation due to expired license. Cluster health, cluster stats and indices stats"

how should I use the old data with the new version ?
what is the bast practice to upgrade ES with so much data , and even there were some deprecated mapping struct
looking forward to your reply

That's a licensing issue, not a compatibility one.

thanks , problems solved with new license

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