Newbie question: Visualize number of log entries per device

HI, I just setup a ELK stack and I'm using Logstash to ingest syslog entries from our routers.
What I would like to do is create a visualization that shows a pie chart:
The data would be

Number of log entries per device (host) over some period of time (customizable).

Pointers, solutions, etc would be great. Hopefully I can use that as an example to learn from and create other viz's.

Thank you in advance

Hi John,

I think you'll be able to create this kind of pie chart in Kibana by clicking the "Visualize" app in the side bar, and then clicking the "+" icon on the table to create a new visualization. This will enter you into the wizard. At this point, you should see a list of different types of visualizations. Click "Pie chart". Then you should be able to create a Terms aggregation over the field you want (in this case I think this is "host") and select a time range with the date picker in the top right corner. Your screen will look something like this:

Does this help?


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CJ, Totally awesome. Thank you so very much for this on-point response.
So many times people reply with less than helpful answers.
This helped a bunch.


Great! Thanks for the encouragement. :smiley:


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