Newbie: Sizing and Cluster

Do you have any sources where I can find information regarding sizing (according to traffic: events/second) and what kind of hardware do I need ? And how to build a cluster ? Any good manuals / references where to start ?

Hi Glenn,

Welcome to this forum! I can provide a few links(I am sure there are a lot more) but the shortest answer to your question is: It depends!

Basically, it depends on:

  • How much data do you receive?
  • In which format do you get the data, how complex is the parsing?
  • How long do you store it?
  • How many search requests do you get and how complex are they?
  • ...

The best way is to start small and upgrade the cluster if the servers come to their limits.

A few links for sizing: (might be a bit old but the basics are still the same)

Which Operating systems(and Runtimes) are supported:

First steps:

Best regards

Wow very valuable information. Thanks for sharing it. Will go through it.

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