nHibernate supported by .NET agent?


Attending a POC where .NET agent have been installed - data access technology is nHibernate; and we're not seeing any DB-spans.

So; initial questions before digging deeper: is nHibernate supported at all? If yes - any special config/other needed to get those spans visualized?



Hi Mattias,

nHibarnate is currently unfortunately not supported by our .NET Agent. One option you can do in those cases is to do manual instrumentation with the public agent API.


Thanks! Any plans for adding support for nHibernate?

No short term plans for nHibernate. We are currently working on Entity Framework (classic) support - We already have Entity Framework Core support.

One thing we plan is to have direct ADO.NET support - this is a good issue to follow for that. I believe that it'd also help with nHibernate, because if I'm not mistaken it uses ADO.NET internally - at least in standard scenarios. But I'm not 100% sure here, so this is something which should be verified.

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