No Activity From Agent - Agent Renamed

Hello everyone,

I have this glitch with Kibana where i added an agent to fleet , then figured i need to rename it so i renamed the host. Rename was successful, howerver I'm getting alerts " No Activity From Agent" whole day long about an agent with name that was prior to rename.

Name no longer exists, fleet shows new name yet again, kibana is complaining about it whole day long. Any ideas how to solve this, please?

This does seem like a glitch. And it gets resolved by disabling and re-enabling the check.
In Observability -> Overview. Click on link below "Reason" column, side menu appears.
Click on "View rule details".
Next to "Rule is" there is an "Enabled" dropdown box. Click on it and select "Disabled". Wait for couple of seconds and revert it back to "Enabled".

Wait for 15 minutes for alerts to self-resolve.

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