No custom color in Metric, Gauge, Goal


I saw here that in 5.5 there was custom color but I cannot see that option. We are using 7.4 Platinum. There is only a fixed Color Schema.

In addition I saw that there is this option in TSVB but in our case we do not use time for this specific graph.

Is there any way to add custom color in those visualisations?

Thank you very much in advance!

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Hi, make sure you are finding the "Options" tab, located right next to the "Data" tab in the visualization builder. This screenshot is from 7.5, but it is in the same place in 7.4:


Do you mean the color schema? If so, it is not what I want. Color schema has specific colors(Green to Red, Blues, Greys, etc.) but I want custom RGB color.
See the image bellow from previous question in elastic forum that I sent you:


You can still use custom colors for gauge and goal, but the UI has changed. You now need to click on the legend to select specific colors to use for each slice.

Text color is not editable in 7.x and it looks like there is no way to use custom color for the metric visualization. That is probably a bug

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