No host logs displayed within Fleet app

Fleet is not displaying host logs when clicking individual Elastic Agents in the Fleet panel. No results are found when clicking 'Open in Logs' on the Agent page (Observability > Logs (Stream) app). If I remove the filter that is auto-populated, I do see logs available within Observability. I also confirm logs are displayed in Discover.

See screen shots below:

Fleet Agent Panel:

Observability > Logs (Stream):

Observability > Logs (Stream) w/o filter:


I modified the "Log indicies" under the Settings cog to include only logs-. After saving and returning to the Observability > Logs (Stream) page, my Elastic Agent logs appeared in the app. The default setting was set to filebeat-, logs-*. Note the space between indicies. Once I made sure there indicies were only separated by comma without a space, I was able to filter by Beats and Elastic Agent hosts.

I noticed the same behavior for the Metrics app.

These do not have any affect on the individual Fleet Elastic Agent pages (first screenshot). They still do not display incoming logs.

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