Unable to view elastic-agent logs in Fleet

I have successfully configured Fleet and have deployed a few elastic-agents in my infrastructure. When I go to Management - Fleet - Agents, select an agent, and then select logs, nothing shows.
However, if I go to Kibana - Discover and look at one of the indexes that the elastic-agent is sending data to (like logs-*), I can see data streaming in from the agent.

Am I missing something? We are running 7.13.2

I have discovered today that I can view the logs for my fleet agents in every configured "space" except the main (default reserved) one.

I cannot find any reason for this.

Could you please share which policies have you configured?

Are you wanting the JSON?
Or for me to just say that I've configured a policy that has like the IIS, Windows, System, and Microsoft integrations, as well as a separate policy that has the System, Auditd, iptables and squid integrations, etc...
I have multiple policies and they all have different integrations added to them to cover different situations and they all have the same log display issue.

I am facing the same problem. Installation has been done successfully with security. After adding I can see both fleet server and an elastic-agent server Healthy but no data in datastream. I have created a new policy with new names space. Assigned my fleet server and elastic-agent server to this newly created policy. This change was smooth and successful. Still no improvement in datastream. No error or problem has been shown in both the /var/log/elastic-log/* files.

Is it important to say that all of the policies integrations are configured to use the default namespace?

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