"No Marvel Data Found"


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i installed marvel-agent 2.3.5 on my every es node,i use kibana 4.5.4 and installed marvel-2.3.5 on it. i saw the index ".marvel-es-1-2016.09.08" and ".marvel-es-data-1", but on marvel ui it says" No Marvel data is available for the selected time period. This could be because no data is being sent to the cluster or data was not received during that time."
Did i missed something?

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i know why , i forgot to sync the datetime of my clusters

(Leaxoy) #3

But how to resolve it. I have the save problem.

(Hubo3085632) #4

does your marvel server's time same with es server's time ? u should ntpdate these time same with your PC

(Leaxoy) #5

But how to check and fix it. I think I need more detail steps one by one. Thanks a lot. :grinning: I am in a harry.

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what's your server os? If it is linux-like , you can execute there commands

  1. ntpdate xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx(ntp server's IP) . Haven't ntp server? use this "date –s '1987-05-02 10:10:10' " set the os's time manually, then execute 'clock –w' write time to CMOS.
  2. check all the cluster'time.Restart all services.

(Leaxoy) #7

Thanks a lot! I will have a try.:grinning:

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